Goring United Reformed Church



Congratulations !

Congratulations on your engagement. Now you are looking for a suitable place in which to have your wedding, and we here in Goring United Reformed Church are glad that you are showing us an interest.

There is obviously a lot to do and think about, guests and present lists to write, cars to sort out, where is the reception going to be held?  Are we having formal dress? – or not.  Flowers, bridesmades, colours and you could go on and on.

If you have not been to a service here yet, you may wish to ‘try us out’ on a Sunday morning.  We are a friendly bunch and we share a minister,
Rev Andrew Sellwood with our sister church in Rustington.  Consequently he is not with us every Sunday, but you can see when he is preaching here at Goring by visiting our Diary.    On a Sunday morning we meet at 10.30.

Why are we here ?

‘We are here to worship God and proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to all’   –  This is our Mission statement.


Some questions you may wish to ask yourselves

We would be delighted to help celebrate your special day.

However, before you get too far in your preparations, here are a few questions for you to consider  —

1.   If you have a date in mind make sure that the minister will be free on that day to take your wedding service.

2.   Do you have any music in mind ?  You will need to speak to our organist.

3.   Do you want to make any video and or sound recordings as there may be copyright implications to clear up.

4.   How many people might you be expecting? We have seating for about 120,
but this can be extended to about 200 if required.

5.   Will you want to make use of our halls?

6.   Do you wish to have the Church decorated with flowers?

How about Charges

This Church is licensed for the solemnization of Christian marriage.
The basic cost including fees for the minister and organist is £320.  If you need to have use of the audio/visual facilities then there will be an extra charge of £60.

You may wish to use just the building because  you have your own minister and or musical instruments.

For Hall charges see here

Check us out first, come and pay us a visit.

If you wish to seek marriage here in Goring United Reformed Church, we would encourage you to come along to worship with us on a Sunday. It will be better for you as it will enable you to get to know us, whether you like the building and the atmosphere  –  we are sure you will, but you don’t really want to come for the first time on your wedding day.

It has been said before in this leaflet, but it is very important that you speak to the minister well in advance of your planned date.  Also to speak to the Secretary to make sure the church and organist [if you want one] are available.


Who to speak to now

You can speak to Andrew after a Sunday service:  he is not with us every Sunday as he shares his ministry with another church, but you can see when he is preaching here.

You can telephone the office [opening hours Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm] on 01903 600260.


Like a Leaflet to print? 

We have a 3 fold leaflet for you to download and print out if you wish. [Opens in a new window]

If the printer symbol doesn’t appear automatically, right click the image and choose Print.