Goring United Reformed Church

Greetings from the Minister

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Hello, we are delighted you have found our website.

We want to have the opportunity to welcome you to our church community…

Our mission statement is –   ‘We are here to worship God and proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to all’.

We believe that God really loves people, and that He wants each of us to have a close relationship with Him.  Goring United Reformed Church [GURC] hopefully connects people with each other, so that together we can connect with God.  Each Sunday we grow closer through our worship and after the service stay a while for coffee and a chat together.  One Sunday each month we share Holy Communion, again a time of unity.  As we do these things spiritual growth and new friendships naturally happen! During the week there are opportunities to participate in both spiritual and social activities.

GURC is the kind of church that welcomes people wherever they are on their faith journey.  If you have been coming to church for years and have perhaps drifted away a little or whether you are just testing the water you are welcome. If you have recently moved into the area or have lived here all your life and wondered what goes on in that building opposite the leisure centre come and see.  I’m new Here?

We encourage people to ask questions.  All of us need to discover truths about God and about life in general.  Our church is a very mixed church, and we welcome people of all backgrounds and all ages. The worship style varies according to the leader but we hope everyone will be blessed through it.

Church doesn’t have to be boring!  We try to make our meetings Warm – Friendly – Fun – Casual – Encouraging & Powerful… We sing together, learn to pray together, and study life truths from the Bible together.  In this way, we discover God’s plan for us through the Holy Spirit’s leading in our lives. We encourage you to come on over and join us, we’d love to get to know you.

Reverend Andrew Sellwood

Andrew Sellwood  – Minister

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