Goring United Reformed Church


Our Condolences 

First of all, if you have just lost a loved one, then may we offer you our condolences, and may the peace of God be in your heart.

A few things to think about

It is a privilege to hold a service here at Goring to celebrate the end of a person’s life on earth.

You may wish for the service here to be part of the funeral itself, or to have a worship time of thanksgiving either before or after the committal.

The thanksgiving and celebration of the person’s life can of course be held on the same day as the funeral or shortly afterwards.

Sometimes the person who has died leaves a request to have certain hymns and readings. The minister will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. We have an organist who will also try to accommodate your needs in music.

We have audio and video systems should you wish to play recorded music and/or to show presentations on the projector screen.

Funeral Directors

What should I do now?

It is advisable that you speak to the minister and organist early, maybe before you speak to the funeral director, just to make sure that they will be free on the day. Telephone 01903 248259 [Minister] or 600260 [Secretary].

The Funeral Directors listed below in alphabetical order are for your guidance only, and are not necessarily those recommended by the Church.   We have had all of these companies organising funerals for services held here over the past number of years and we have not had a problem with any.

In alphabetical order :-

Caring Lady. Tel. 505757   —  56 Goring Rd 

Cooperative. Tel. 503536   —  22 Goring Rd 

Dillistone. Tel. 200835   —  191 South Farm Road 

Ian Hart. Tel. 206299   —  92-94 Broadwater Street West 

HD Tribe Tel. 234516   —  130 Broadwater Road


Minister and organist £210 plus £60 if use of the audio/video equipment is required.

The Wake

We have plenty of space in our halls where you can meet your family and friends in a pleasant hall and room for refreshments.

There are plenty of caterers nearby that are willing to provide refreshments for such occasions.

You may however, prefer to meet your family and friends in another location, please speak to your funeral director about this.

Leaflet Download 

We have a 3 fold leaflet for you to download and print out if you wish.

If the printer symbol doesn’t appear automatically, right click the image and choose Print.

We hope  that these notes have been of some help to you.


Audio Recordings
To listen to a recording of the funeral taken on 23rd Dec 2015 please click the following link.
Click this link
(To download and save the .mp3 recording to your computer please right click the link and choose the “Save Link As…” option from the list.)