Goring United Reformed Church

The Eldership Team


Mrs  Valerie Cooper: Church Secretary

Valerie re-elected as Church Secretary in August 2016.  A serving elder until 2018. She is responsible for running the ‘Journeys for Jesus’ and Junior Table Tennis.

Mrs Hilary Redman: Pastoral Secretary

Hilary is now a non serving elder as the Pastoral Secretary.

Mr Ryan Thomas

Ryan, was re-elected in 2014 and is currently serving until August 2017.
He chairs the Outreach Group and the Property Management Group.  He helps to run the A/V Desk.

Mr Vic Joy

Vic, also re-elected in 2014 is serving until August 2017.
He is responsible for leading the Kestro [Stroke] Club, and a member of the Property Group with a particular interest in the church gardens.

Mrs Rosina Bayley

Rosina came to the Church some years ago as a non-serving elder. She was re-elected onto this eldership in July 2016 to serve until August 2019. She runs the Ark Toddler Group.

Mr Wilfred Rhodes

Wilfred has been a Church and Finance group member and Elder for many years and is now a serving elder until 2018.

Miss Chris Howie

Chris, elected as a new elder in August 2016 and will serve until 2019.

Mrs Carole Culliss

Carole has been an elder for some years, and has recently been re-elected to serve until August 2019

Mr  Matthew Smith:  Church Treasurer

Matthew is the Church Treasurer and Chairs the Finance Group.
He has been an elder in this Church for many years and is now a serving elder until 2018.

Other Church Activities & Groups led by Non-serving Elders 

World Church and  Mission:  Mrs Bobby Hitchin

Bobby a non-serving elder leads the World Church and Mission Group.  There are currently four people in the group.


Graham, a non-serving elder,  stepped down from the Property Group Chair in August 2016.  He is editor of the Chronicle magazine, as well as other publications and the website. He also helps to maintain the running of the A/V desk.


Other non-serving elders are:-
Eric & Jane Bond, Alan Cooper, Bill Marshall, Sue Mitchell, Alan Paterson, Barbara Popplestone, Eileen Rhodes,
Bett Swierk, Carol Webber, Roger Wilde and Ken Woods