Goring United Reformed Church

Church Membership


  •    You may recently have moved to Worthing and are looking for a spiritual home. You like it here and want to stay.
  •    You may have been coming to this Church for a number of years and are now exploring Church Membership.
  •    Somebody has approached you and they have either given you this leaflet, or you have picked it up yourself.
  •    You may be a regular worshipper here and have been for many years, and you believe therefore that you are already
    ….a member.    This may or may not be true, if it is so, then you may wish to ask yourself the question,  —
    ….‘why am I not a member?’
  •    Members are marked with an asterisk in the Church Handbook.


  •    Church membership is not like being a member of a club, it carries with it a commitment and a responsibility.
  •    You will be expected to profess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.
  •    We are here to worship Jesus Christ our Lord and to share his love with others in our community.
  •    Having said that, it doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy ourselves. Jesus Christ wants us to be joyful in His work,
    we therefore have other activities during the week.

Some say that you don’t have to be a member of the church to be a Christian; true, but it is much harder to be one on your own. It is good to belong to the Church Family – the family of God – we all need the Church, and the Church certainly needs each one of us.   ‘I am not good enough to be a member.’ We have all heard this said before, in truth none of us is perfect and that is why we come to Church to seek God’s guidance through our worship, Bible reading, prayers and in singing praises.

Membership requires a commitment, and as a member you will be expected to attend church services regularly, and to attend Church Meeting. Church meetings are held monthly on a Thursday evening except during August and December.

The Church meeting is the authority for all of the local Church affairs.

Goring URC works closely with other Christian Churches in the neighbourhood


  •     We believe in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  •  The Bible is our guide book for our daily living.
  •  Holy communion, also known as The Lord’s Supper is shared regularly.


We expect people to be baptised, only once and not necessarily in the United Reformed Church but with any Christian denomination.  In the United Reformed Church we have two alternative forms of baptism, – infants and adults as believers.

Like to know more about Baptism in this Church?  Then click here.


If what you have read interests you, and you wish to know more about membership of Goring, please speak to the Minister , Church Secretary or one of the Elders, to provide you with further information. They, with the minister, will help you decide on the next step for you to take.


You will need to speak to the minister Rev. Andrew Sellwood  Telephone: 01903 248259  or after a Sunday service

If you want to know when Andrew is leading worship, please see our ‘Service Leaders’ page here.

Church Secretary, Mrs Hilary Redman  Telephone: 01903 600260


We are here to worship God and proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to all.

Like a leaflet about Church Membership?  Pick one up on the table at the back of the church or see here.

See what the URC has to say about church membership, here.